Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Leopard Print Emery Dress

I made my first Emery Dress in late summer last year, but didn't review it here since I was waiting until I'd made another with the appropriate adjustments to compare them. But right now, my queue is so long I'm not sure when I'll get to my second version -- so here is the first.

This first Emery was intended as my muslin, and I made it from an old sheet in my stash -- a twin sheet with just enough to it to cut this out effectively, avoiding the one or two snags in the source material.

I made quite a few adjustments to the bodice, having heard that it fits some people well, and needs a lot of adjusting for others. I was one of the 'others'. In this picture, you can see the main fitting issue I need to fix.

I did my usual alterations -- shortening the bodice, taking an inch wedge out of centre front and increasing the back shoulder darts by 1/4" each. I thought I had it pretty close, but once I finished it and wore for a bit I realized I need to take the bodice up at least another inch. I'm still not sure if that inch needs to come off the waist or whether it should be taken up in the length between the shoulder and bust. I'm leaning toward dividing it between those two areas at the moment.

Nonetheless, my invisible zip went in just fine!

Other than the fitting issues, this was a fairly straightforward pattern that many people have made. There are cutesy additions like a bow belt or a peter pan collar but for myself I am preferring the plain look right now.

Eventually I plan to try again with the added adjustments, but I do have New Look 6262 in my stash which is quite similar in style and it fits me well, so not sure the Emery will become my go to for this style. I'll have to compare and see what I think!


  1. Hi Melanie, what a lovely dress. I can see what you say about shortening the bodice, and yet I think it has an elegant look. I rather like the longer bodice,
    I am in awe of your ability to get so much sewing done, (particularly with all the reading you must also do!).

    1. Thanks Sara! I think I may just have to tweak the fit in the upper chest area. But I still like this one anyhow :)

      I did sew this one last summer but never got around to reviewing it since I was planning on sewing a second to review alongside...ah well, the best laid plans and all that!


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