Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Look 6977: a Stripey Skirt

Sharing a quick review of a simple pull-on knit skirt today, one you might recognize if you were at the most recent PR Weekend! It's part of the wardrobe pattern New Look 6977 -- a pattern that I've made another skirt from, nearly four years ago apparently, and said then that I wanted to try the other options. At this rate I'll be retired before I try all the pieces in this pattern! 

In any case, here's the quick straight skirt. I made a couple of changes - added side seam pockets cut from cotton broadcloth (non-stretchable) and cut the waist at 16 and hips at 18 (I didn't want it to cling). I should've reread my first review because the waistband was far too large. The pattern is too straight up & down for my shape, so I unpicked the waistband as much as I could at the sides and stitched it back down at an angle, to basically give me a 14 waist. But if I wasn't so lazy and had completely removed and resized it, it would fit better than it does. However, since I never wear it without a shirt over it (nothing tucked in for me) I figured it was "good enough" for a quick skirt.

I also changed the procedure when sewing the waistband. Instead of the casing + elastic method I used Jalie's Eleanore waistband process of stitching down the elastic at the edge of the top fold first and then folding the waistband & attaching. It's so much more secure and lies flat mostly, if it is the right size in the first place ;) 

I used a nice thick stretchy poly knit from Fabricland that was calling out to be a fun skirt, and got the stripes mostly matched at the side seams. This is a cheery and very comfy skirt despite the slight fit issue I had with it due to my own shape compared to the very straightness of the skirt. Now I'll have to try some of the other options in this pattern.......


  1. Cute skirt, Mel. Have you tried Pamela's Patterns Magic Pencil skirt? It is made with that stitched on elastic method you described above. Doesn't have pockets but it's a very very fast sew.

    1. Oh, thanks Barbara! I haven't yet -- haven't tried any of Pamela's Patterns so might just have to do that :)

  2. your description again and it's NOT the same technique as on Pamela's Patterns. It is similar in that the elastic is sewn at the top then flipped over, but it's more of a casing, not a sewn on waistband. Whatever, it's a comfy skirt and I recommend it :)


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