Sunday, August 13, 2017

Not the Blues

I finished this dress in June - but who knows when I began it? This is something I found in a box of UFOs when I was tidying up my sewing space.

It was started so long ago I have no idea what pattern it is. I just know it was started a long time ago since it was nearly ankle length when I pulled it out of the box, and I moved on from that look years ago! It was nearly finished; there was one sleeve pinned into place and a hem required. Why did I give up on this dress so close to the end?

One reason might have been that the neckband was all stretched and bubbled and I didn't know how to fix it then, not having made many knit projects at the beginning of my sewing career. Or maybe I just got distracted! I was also aware that I'd started this years ago as there were no pockets added. I would never neglect pockets now.

In any case this was an easy evening's work to fix up and finish, and I've been enjoying wearing it ever since. First I stitched on that sleeve. Then I fixed the neckline by simply turning the neckband under and using it as a bias facing. Once stitched down, it both sturdily reinforces the neckline and sits smoothly with no bumps in sight.

Next up was the hemline. I tried this on, measured it, and cut 7 inches off the bottom, finishing with a narrow hem. Then I used that extra length that I'd trimmed off to make a set of patch pockets. I tried to match the print as much as possible to let them blend in easily. Since it's not a regular print it wasn't too hard. I decided to round the bottom of the pockets to reflect the rounded neckline as well. I like the end results.

The only thing left after that was to fix the back -- there was a small casing inside the middle panel with openings to the right side. I am assuming it was for a narrow self belt to be run through, as this seems a 90s pattern. But I just added a piece of narrow elastic instead and stitched it down at both ends of the casing. I had tried it on at first without anything in the casing, and it was just too full, so had to add something. I like the elastic - simple and effective.

It's kind of nice to get a very old UFO sewn up and worn, although I do wonder why I ever put it down in the first place. Oh well, another blue dress to add to my closet!


  1. Doesn't it make you feel good to finish an UFO? Great job & you look lovely!

    1. Yes! Especially when it's so old you didn't even remember it existed ;)


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