Friday, June 14, 2024

Sew What You Need in June

When I was trying to pack light for my recent travels, I was having some difficulty putting together a small capsule wardrobe. Many pieces in my wardrobe are standalones, and trying to put together 5 or 6 pieces that could be interchangeable was harder than I'd expected! I really noticed a lack of button up shirts in my closet. I was hoping to take one that I could wear as a shirt and also open as a kind of jacket. There was nothing really suitable for that purpose.

And then a Sew Over 50 challenge called "Sew What You Need June" popped up in my IG feed and I thought, well, I know what I need! So I've decided I could really stand to make one or two solid colour button up shirts for my wardrobe this month. 

I have sorted through my patterns and chosen a few that might do the trick. I have 3 choices for a long sleeved button up shirt, just have to choose one to move forward with! 

I have also pulled 3 patterns for short sleeved button front blouses, all from my thrifted retro stash; the Simplicity one has a hidden button placket. The Simplicity and Burda ones use small amounts of fabric so might work well with some of my recent thrift store fabric purchases. 

I have a few fabrics I'd like to make summer wear with, so hopefully I can match up at least one of these blouse patterns with one of these fabrics! I seem to be sewing very slowly these days so if I can get to one I will be happy :) 

Solid rayon, cotton & linen

Colorful cotton prints!


  1. That New Look 6330 is a fast sew -- and plenty loose enough to wear as a jacket. It makes for great color-blocking, as well.

    Bought it when it was first issued, yonks ago. Have it on my cutting table "want to make again" pile, even now.

    Happy sewing!

    1. Definitely one I'd like to make this year!


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