Tuesday, April 30, 2024

MeMadeMay 2024: Plans and Objectives!


MeMadeMay 2024 is upon us! I don't know quite how May got here so quickly but I'm ready for it again this year. In 2023, I pledged to wear more of my makes together, and to mend/refashion/repurpose as many as I can. I really liked that approach so I'm taking much the same one this year! 

Zoe, the founder of MMM, stresses that this isn't a photo challenge, or a making challenge -- it's supposed to be a chance to examine your wardrobe and sewing habits and figure out what's working, and help you create more sustainably. 

So my pledge, inspired by last year's successful month, is to:

  • Mend the items in my mending pile, which only keeps growing
  • Wear as many different me-mades as possible this month so that I can evaluate what I like wearing, and figure out how to alter, refashion or re-home the things that I'm not wearing. 
  • Use all this info to help determine my sewing queue and wardrobe plans for the rest of the year 

And of course, this is a month to be really inspired by all the outfits under the hashtag! 

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