Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Wardrobe Colour Palette & Planning

While I haven't been actually sewing as much lately I have been trying to nail down my wardrobe plans for the next season. That includes the colour palette I want to use. I don't have a lot of love for the trendy colours being predicted for the spring/summer (I don't really like a lot of pale colour) so I've been looking at my previous wardrobe plans and trying to recreate something current. 

I'm using the Design Your Wardrobe process from Seamwork which I used the first time I looked into this topic. I've found that much of what I did then still applies -- the silhouettes and fabrics and colours I identified in my original Bold, Playful Power Suit wardrobe are still appealing to me. But I am going to update it to my current season and desires, and come up with some Spring/Summer plans soon. 

I'm still a fan of jewel tones and black and white as neutrals. I've been trying to narrow things down a bit, and have concluded that cobalt, yellow, hot pink and a slightly subdued green are my key colours. With a deeper magenta and sometimes a red or purple thrown in as occasional additions.

On the weekend I popped out to the fabric store to take advantage of a thread sale, and when I got home I realized I'd unconsciously purchased threads in my colour palette. Quite a few blacks and whites and greys (useful for anything!) but the colours were all these ones. I wasn't even thinking about the plan, only about which fabrics I might be using soon. So I guess this planning is sinking in! 

It made me realize that I'm beginning to narrow my preferences a bit, which makes it easier to keep a wardrobe in which things can be combined. And it also means a stash cleanout should be next, to winnow out the colours and substrates I'm no longer likely to use. But that's a good thing -- and I hope it will make my sewing practice more regular, once I have less to sort through to get to a project. 


  1. You are far too young to have been swept up by the "Color Me Beautiful" (by Carole Jackson) fad of the early 1980s. When I worked for Wrangler advertising, my boss forced all the women in her section to attend a seminar in which each of us was "analyzed" by an expert. That color analyses is still useful to me. The book is widely available still, I do believe.

    1. I remember the Color Me Beautiful, mainly as all our mothers wanting their colours done. We were teens, not interested ;) I do like colour analysis now, though!


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