Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Vogue Xmas PJs

I almost forgot to share the Xmas sewing I did in 2023! Well, there's not much (aside from a lovely scarf I made my sister). My holiday sewing was mainly a pj top from a Vogue 80s pattern in my stash. After sharing my own new sleepwear, I thought I'd share one that I made for the husband, too. 

This was a request, for a warm shirt for sleeping. I used Vogue 7079 from 1987, so the sizing was  generous. Instead of the medium that matched his measurements, I took this down to a loosely cut Small, which ended up being somewhere between the S & M sizes. It was perfect. A closer fit, but still loose enough to be comfortable sleepwear. 

The beautiful cotton was found on sale at Fabricland shortly before Christmas. It washed up beautifully and was soft and great to work with. The most complicated part of this was cutting it out so that the plaid matched. I think I did pretty well across the front and sides, but I calculated the sleeve matching incorrectly, so it's offset instead of a straight match. I still think it's okay. 

The collar was a bit tricky, as it was inset, but once I got it all pinned and clipped, it sewed in quite nicely. It was the most time consuming bit of sewing, for sure. I wasn't sure I was going to add a pocket or not, but it was asked for, so I added one cut on the bias for interest.

 The sleeve just has a simple turn under and stitch hem, so that was quick - no fancy finishes to worry about. 

And when it was time to put buttons on, I looked through my extensive stash of thrifted buttons, where there were many plain shirt style buttons which worked but were kind of boring. Then I came across this set of recently thrifted buttons that have a yellowy-green centre, and they were perfect! Love them, and they match the tones of this so well. I was happy to use them on such a satisfying project. 

I don't often make things for other people, so I do find it a little nerve-wracking, but I think this one turned out well -- it looks nice and fits well. What more can a person ask? :) 


  1. Nicely done Melanie. Well matched plaids where it counts and lovely buttons for a great finish. Be very careful - more requests may be coming your way. LOL. - Laura S.


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