Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Sewing Goals & Plans, 2024


It's time to make some new Sewing Goals and Plans for the New Year. I never go nuts with specific plans, and am not going to try this year, either! I prefer making loose goals to guide me.

Looking back at 2023's Goals, I didn't do too badly. They were: 

Sew from stash - I was doing great at this until about halfway through the year when I ended up buying more than I'd sew up all year long. There was a great sale at a thrift store, and then at the fabric store, and I succumbed. 

Finish some art quilts - I finished a couple, one of which is in an exhibit currently. So I am happy about that! But I do have a few more which are half done and I'd like to keep going and try new things as well as finish the current ones. 

Take classes & learn more - I did take a few online classes, and went to an art quilting conference which was amazing. I signed up for the Jasika Blazer course but have not completed it yet. That's moving forward to this year!

ON TO 2024! 

This year I have some pretty simple goals: 

1. Tailoring: I'm going to finish the Jasika Blazer course and make the blazer - and hopefully learn a lot in the process

2. Focus on special details: I want to include more unique details in my projects that I add in myself. The book on Couture that I've just talked about will help with this, as will some others in my collection. I am thinking of both fabric manipulation and surface design/embroidery as special add-ons. 

3. Wardrobe Planning: I've enjoyed doing this and want to go over my current wardrobe ideas. I find it really helps when looking at fabrics and patterns, and makes it easier to decide if something is for me if I've made a plan first!

4. Watch classes & lessons that I have available to me through my library (CreativeBug) and the Craftsy membership I splurged $2.49 on (and immediately opted out of autorenew for). 

5. Make more textile art! 

Those are my general goals for the year. How about you? Are you setting big goals? Or going with the flow? 


  1. I have a few specific goals which I posted about here: https://urbanquilternh.blogspot.com/2024/01/plans-for-2024.html
    I should check out the classes available online through my public library!

  2. Hi Melanie, I am probably going to go with the flow, because you never know what other goals are going to pop up in the year and I like to be flexible. But I really like your focus on special details, wardrobe planning and textile art. I find as I am planning to make something I now consider how I will use it, as opposed to just making because I enjoy it, love the pattern or love the fabric. Mind you, I have been saying this for years! Old habits are hard to break some times.
    ..... Sara

    1. I'm trying to plan a bit because of my long-standing habit of just making whatever strikes me, and then not really wearing it ;) But I do need to allow myself to go with the flow as well, or I just won't get anything done. It's a balance!


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