Sunday, September 24, 2023

Weekend Review: Me & The Boss


Me and the Boss / Michelle Edwards; illus. by April Harrison
TO: Anne Schwartz Books, c2022.
40 p.

This was a darling discovery, a heartwarming book about the relationship between two siblings, and the sense of efficacy that comes from sewing.

Lee is a little brother who follows his big sister Zora everywhere. This includes to a sewing class at the local library, where Mrs. C. is teaching kids some handsewing. Zora makes a pretty flower on her fabric, but Lee makes a bit of a mess - he's so much younger than everyone else. But he's inspired. And later that night he gets out of bed to try again, and ends up mending the hole in his jeans pocket. And then sneaking into Zora's room to sew the ear back on to her favourite teddy.  

Lee's persistence and the way that he feels strong and successful after figuring out how to use these new skills to make life better is such a wonderful message. And the relationship between the siblings is also sweet, while realistic as well. 

This is a charming picture book that sewists (and library lovers) will enjoy. Definitely check this one out! 

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