Friday, September 29, 2023

Literary Sewing Circle, Fall return teaser!


Some of my regular readers may be wondering about the Literary Sewing Circle! At this time of year, it's customary to start up an Autumnal round. 

And I'm happy to announce that yes, we will be having a new round starting up soon. It's starting up a touch later than usual but will be going ahead.

I'll be announcing the title for this round on Friday October 6th, and as usual we'll have 6 weeks of inspiration and book talk, and then a couple more weeks to finish off our projects and share them. 

Here's your hint to carry you over until next week: 

We're going back a century to read a Canadian classic, with a beautiful Muskoka setting, some snark, and some romance ... I think many Canadian readers might guess this one right away! 


  1. Oh yeah!!!! I have been looking forward to this. I have no idea at all about the book, but I am sure it will be great.
    .... Sara

  2. Well I'm an American but DID guess Blue Castle right away but because I'm NOT Canadian was shy just in case there was ANOTHER Muskoka book that Canadians would all know about, not me. I first read ALL the Anne of Green Gables books in 2 weeks junior year old in college and proceeded to read ALL of the other L.M. Montgomery works I could get hold of including her journals over the next few years. I JUST saw your latest post stating that it IS Blue Castle so I thought I'd post. And of course I've done the PEI pilgrimage in years since.

    1. Haha! So great that you shared! And very glad that you immediately identified the title even if you're only an honourary Canadian by now ;) How wonderful to find another LMM enthusiast. I really adore her.


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