Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cover Designs!: #33 When We Were Young


Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well. Today's book, When We Were Young by Jaclyn Goldis, gives us that last glimpse of summer!

Summary from the publisher:

Three generations of women come together in this page-turning debut full of family secrets, heart-wrenching drama, and the promise of second chances.

Corfu, 1942 : To sixteen-year-old Sarah Batis, the Nazis are a distant danger—of far greater threat is the opposing needs of her heart and her people. Tradition demands that Sarah marry a Jewish man. Only Sarah has fallen in love with a fisherman outside their community. And when the Nazis invade, Sarah must watch from afar as her family is taken away. . .

Corfu, 2004 : Sarah's daughter, Bea, has built a happy life with a steadfast husband and two independent daughters. Their summers on the Greek island with the Winn family appear idyllic, especially the love that blossoms between Bea's daughter Joey and Leo Winn. But there is a secret threatening their beach paradise.

Florida, 2019 : Joey is only days away from marrying the nice Jewish man her family adores. The arrival of Leo, Joey's first love, sends her reeling. Even after fifteen years, the attraction between them burns bright—but Leo isn't looking for a happy reunion. He's there to reveal why he really broke up with her during their last summer together.

Weddings have a way of bringing out the best—and worst—in those you love the most. And as the revelations of her family flood to the surface, what Joey learns will either bring them closer together . . . or tear them apart forever.

This simple sundress has a couple of notable features. First, those straps look like they are made with ribbon rather than self fabric - easily adapted in this pattern suggestions. Also, there is perhaps a waistband, or maybe it's a belt. You pick!  

The first suggestion to copy this cover design is the Avid Seamstress Sun Dress. It has the silhouette and a back similar to the cover dress, although the skirt is slightly fuller here. If you changed the straps to a ribbon, you could get a close match!

For another option that is similar, although with the small difference of an elastic back waistband, try the Wide Strap Maxi Dress created by Elbe Textiles for Peppermint Magazine. It's slightly lower in the back and longer as well, but has that light summery vibe. 

And to top it off you can make yourself a Cote D'Azure sun hat by ShannonMac Designs. Just add a black ribbon and you're set. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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