Sunday, July 16, 2023

Weekend Review: Radical Sewing

Radical Sewing / Kate Weiss 
Portland, OR: Microcosm Publishing, c2021.
192 p.

I was lucky to find this one via my library's online collection. Although I don't usually like sewing books in online formats generally, this one has the subtitle "Pattern-Free, Sustainable Fashions for All Bodies", so I thought a sewing book without patterns might be okay to read in e-book format! 

It was an interesting read, put out by a publishing company that has many other books on sustainable, alternative kind of topics. I thought it was a neat approach, bound to appeal to a different kind of audience; however, I didn't quite love it. I found the tone was a bit uneven, at times feeling like the author was speaking to beginners but at other times more aimed at those familiar with sewing -- the terminology sometimes felt like you should know a bit about sewing to really get the book. Which I did, but someone newer to the sewing world might feel a bit intimidated. And from the cover copy, it does seem like the gist of the book is to get newbies into sewing.

Additionally, despite the subtitle, there is a whole chapter of this book that talks about how to read and understand a sewing pattern. As that chapter begins, she acknowledges that despite the title, you may sometimes need to understand patterns. I agree, but wonder if a change in subtitle might have been more effective in getting across all the elements of this book. 

However, it was a pretty good overview that might appeal to a certain kind of reader already interested in zines, alternatives and 'radical' things in general. It has some funky drawings/illustrations and gives enough info for someone to actually learn quite a bit about sewing well. 

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