Friday, January 13, 2023

More (and Theoretical) Make Nines

IF I were going to make even more sewing plans, I have enough that I want to make to fill up multiple MakeNine grids. But I don't want to overschedule myself with things to make, I like to go with the flow of inspiration when it comes to my sewing. Nevertheless, these plans are awfully entertaining to put together, so I'm just making a couple more of these grids for fun.

IF I had decided to make a sewing plan just with my Burda magazine TBS (to be sewn) projects or from my stack of vintage patterns, they might have looked like this! 

From l to r, and top to bottom, here are my what-if Burda plans:

1. 104/03/2021 - dress

2. 102/09/2022 - sweater

3. 112/01/2022 - cropped blazer

4. 120/11/2020 - dress

5. 106/09/2022 - vest

6. 119/01/2022 - dress

7. 114/01/2022 - dress

8. 117/12/2022 - skirt

9. 116/09/2019 - blouse

And as for vintage/retro patterns, I have a fair number! This year, for some reason, blouses are catching my eye. My lists are usually all dresses but there's a mix of tops in this potential plan. 

Some Blouses

Some Dresses

And the Blazer from this one!

How about you? Do you make multiple plans just for the fun of it? I hope I can get at least one item made from all my real and potential Make Nine grids this year. But as always... we will see how I feel as the year goes on :) 


  1. I love the New Look 6330 pattern! I can see that these plans would be fun to make.

    1. I do too! It's fun to imagine the endless time you might have to make all these things ;)

  2. I am a slow sewist and the fit of things I sew is really important to me. I like the Make Nine strategy because it helps me prioritize the projects I really want to work on even if the work itself is tedious. If something is on my list for this year I might just produce a series of muslins, or a couple of test garments, but I will count that as progress. I'll be that much closer to finished garments next year. ;-)

    1. That's an excellent way of thinking of it. I am also a pretty slow sewer overall.

  3. Oh my goodness, I had that Simplicity skirt pattern back in the day. I'm pretty sure I made it out of a lovely viscose/wool mix that had a lovely drape. I'll be very interested to see your incarnation. Megan

    1. A viscose wool would be lovely for this pattern! I hope I can find just the right fabric and make it up this year.

  4. The New Look 6330 is one that will come with me to a nursing home, when my Darling Daughter consigns me there, someday in the far future. Bought it when it was first issued. Make it over and over and over again, both as a blouse and as a useful light jacket. You'll enjoy playing with that one.

    1. Haha! Great recommendation for this pattern! I think I'll definitely have to get to it this year.


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