Friday, December 30, 2022

2022 Reflections and Goals for 2023!


It's the time of year to look back and also look ahead. This is my summary of how I met my goals for 2022, and the creation of new ones for 2023.


Last year's goals were mild, and not overly challenging. Exactly what I needed in a year of Rest, after that last few years of chaos. I really needed to relax and just take time to myself, and I managed to do that as much as possible. 

This year I feel like I have a bit more room for bigger goals, but still don't want too much stress. I am trying to find balance so that I have the energy for sewing and the creativity I love. So overextending myself, even in the sewing room, is something I have to watch out for.

Last year's goals were:

Stash Management: I feel like I did pretty well on that this year, although there is a lot more organization to do in the upcoming months. I got a handle on what was in my stash, and gave away a lot of old fabric that I didn't want anymore (and also cleared out my summer wardrobe to make more room for new projects). I need to do the same to my winter wardrobe and to organize the fabric that is left is a more logical and accessible way.

Wardrobe Planning: I kind of faltered on this but would like to get back to it and create a new wardrobe plan for 2023. I'm still feeling the bright colours and work wear vibe but have to rethink the projects and fabrics I want to use. 

and my last goal of 2022 was to Enjoy! I feel like this was the most important goal, and I did enjoy nearly everything I did this year. I slowed down, sewed and reviewed fewer things than usual, even if I was still sewing for the Liesl Advisor's Circle and for Fabricville. Neither of those groups are onerous and I had fun with the projects I made for them. 

2023 Goals

Sew from stash

I want to continue clearing out and organizing my stash - I just received a very generous gift of fabrics from a friend, of wonderful wools, silks and cottons from her late mother's stash, and I want to use most of that before I buy more. I also want to use more of my own pattern stash, including my large number of Burda magazines. 

Finish some art quilts

I've started taking time from my garment sewing to work on some small art quilts. I really enjoy the different experience of creating art from fabric, and while I've finished a couple of smaller ones, I'd like to focus a little more and finish some of the many half made and imagined quilts I have going. To help me do this I've signed up for the SAQA Conference, which is being held in Toronto this year. I couldn't miss it being so close as it hasn't been in Canada before. 

Take classes & learn more

I'd also like to take some classes this year and improve my skills in an organized manner. I've bought the Jasika Blazer class from Closet Core, and hope to work through that this spring to develop some better tailoring skills. I'd also like to give a bag or hat a try this year for something new!

Do you have new goals for 2023? Feel free to share them in the comments or drop a link to your own post about your plans. 


  1. Oh Melanie, I do admire how organised you are! I really do need to stop and think about reflections and goals, it may stop me floundering with ideas and dreams. I will have to come back to this thread in the very near future - with a plan.
    ..... Sara

    1. I like doing this, even if I'm not all that great at following the goals I set at the beginning of the year! It's a good way to think about what you want, though, and to try to keep yourself on track. I really like doing it. Hope that you come up with a plan too.


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