Sunday, October 30, 2022

Weekend Review: Sewing Love


Sewing Love / Sanae Ishida
Seattle : Sasquatch Books, ©2022
271 p.

This is the second book by Ishida that I've read, via my library. It's a wonderful book! I really enjoyed it and I know I'll be reading it again to soak in all the detail involved. 

It's more than a basic sewing book, and more than just a project book, too. It's a great book for the intermediate sewist, who is looking for more learning and more challenge. The first part of the book deals with block making -- how to create a pattern block based on your own body. 

The second half then goes in to the projects: how to make yourself actual garments using your blocks. The garments are all fairly loose-fit casual clothes, so the adaptations and adjustments you'll have to make to get a decent fit are easier than closely fitted, detailed clothing would be. So it's a good way to start getting comfortable with fitting using your block. If you prefer heavily structured, fitted clothing, you'll likely want to look elsewhere. 

But the tone is very encouraging, and the adventurous beginner might feel up to giving this a go as well. There is a lot of information in this book, but it's nicely organized, non-intimidating, and well illustrated. There are clear illustrations accompanying the block making instructions, and also quite a number of photos of projects on all ages and sizes of sewists. And the book design as a whole is calm and beautiful overall, as well. 

The discussion of the block making hits just the right level; accessible but not overly simplified. There are LOTS of measurements suggested here, more than the usual basics. I can see the influence of some of the books she's put in her bibliography, especially Joi Mahon's range for measurements. She also refers to two of her favourite sewing/pattern books in the text and the bibliography, SEW by Barbara Emodi and How to Make Your Own Dress Patterns by Adele Margolis, which are also faves of mine so I am naturally inclined to like this book as well!

It's a friendly, welcoming book but one that still provides a lot of learning opportunity. You could spend a fair bit of time working your way through the block process and the patterns, and come out on the other side much more confident about your fitting and pattern adjustment skills. Recommended. 


  1. Thanks for reviewing this book, I have been considering purchasing this book and after reading this, I will. Megan.

  2. Good to read this-I've just put a hold on this from my library.


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