Thursday, May 19, 2022

International Vyshyvanka Day!

 Happy International Vyshyvanka Day! 

The third Thursday of May is International Vyshyvanka Day. The idea of Vyshyvanka Day was suggested in 2006 by Lesia Voroniuk, a student at a Ukrainian university. The day of celebration was intentionally set on a weekday and not in the weekend to emphasise that the vyshyvanka is "a component of the life and culture of Ukrainians, and not an ancient artifact" (Wikipedia)

It's a day to wear one's Vyshyvanka (embroidered blouse) and represent Ukrainian tradition. I pulled out my vyshyvanka, a store bought one -- someday I will make my own. Could that be why I've been reading so many books on traditional Ukrainian embroidery? Why yes. I decided to wear this with one of my favourite new skirts & masks. 

Maybe next year I'll be wearing a Me Made!

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