Friday, April 8, 2022

Literary Sewing Circle: Premeditated Myrtle inspiration!


It's the first week of our Literary Sewing Circle featuring Premeditated Myrtle. Have you found a copy yet? Have you started reading? If so, how are you finding the opening chapters? 

Today's inspiration is going to look at some of the characters in this story; we'll find ideas based on their names and personalities. 

We have to begin, of course, with Myrtle! To make something inspired by her, you might take just the name and try out the Myrtle dress by Seamwork. Although it looks like this pattern has been archived...

So perhaps this new McCalls pattern would do instead -- it's one of their attempts at creating a hashtag, and this one is the Myrtle McCalls. And it has a nod to Victorian style with those shoulders, so perhaps it is extra relevant ;)

Of course, if you wanted to make something more appropriate to a 12 year old Myrtle, one rather reminiscent of the fancy dress she has to wear to tea, check out this Myrtle Dress by Peony Patterns! (the pattern company is also a good fit for this book). 

If you are more inclined to make something Myrtle might find useful, take a look at this Myrtle Crochet Cowl, great for sneaking out on cold nights.

Now on to Miss Judson! Style Arc has a knit Ada Top that would be comfy to lounge in. 

And Duana DIY has a pretty peplum top and dress pattern called The Ada in two size ranges: I could see this peplum top with long sleeves being worn over a long a-line skirt to look just like a governess ;) 

What about Myrtle's neighbour Minerva Wodehouse? She of the suspicious death... perhaps a Minerva Knitted Cardigan by FabelVintage would do -- this one looks like something Miss Wodehouse might have worn on a chilly morning in the garden, don't you think? If you can knit, this might be a lovely choice.

I like to think that if Minerva Wodehouse were gardening today, she might sling on a cozy bomber jacket to pop out at dawn, instead. Like this Minerva Jacket by SleepingGiantShirtCo.

Perhaps Aunt Helena could inspire us. When she comes to dinner with Myrtle's family, she turns up in a silver Paris gown. Could you make the Helena Wrap Dress by Just Patterns in a silvery fabric to compare?

For a more relaxed wear, you could try the Helena Dress by Sew Me Something - the neckline looks faintly vintage; you could make it as a top and wear it under a proper jacket or cardigan to give it a more Victorian flair. 

Maybe you'd like to make a Caroline party dress in honour of Caroline Munjal, so that she and Myrtle can be dressed up together? Here's one by Mouse House Creations.

Or you could just make an adult version of the Caroline Dress - this also has a full dress or peplum top option. Also by Mouse House Creations!

Of course we can't forget Peony! This clever cat plays a big role in the story. There are many ways to bring Peony in. 

You could try the Peony Dress by Seamwork. It's a pretty dress with a detachable belt. Make it in some novelty cat print cotton and you're right on theme. 

Or test out the Peony Woven Dress by Style Arc if you're looking for something elegant for a summer wedding, perhaps. 

You could go for something a little more current with this free Peony Top from Mood. Their floral print sample suggests a garden, perfect for this story. 

Or, since Miss Judson and Peony get along so well, and Miss Judson is after all from French Guiana, you might look for something French -- peony = pivoine in French, and this Pivoine Blouse by Delphine & Morrisette is just lovely. 

I hope that this gives you something to think about! There are so many patterns linked to the character names in this book, and that's not even looking at any of the male characters. Feel free to share in the comments if you have more ideas, and keep your eyes open for our next inspiration post when we will be sharing ideas based on images and events in the story. 


  1. What a lot of inspiration! It is early days for me, I have only read a few chapters. An interesting read - at this point I see many similarities to The Famous Five series, which I read to my grandaughter - children/teenages dealing with issues of an adult world. As an older adult I wonder at the concept of solving a murder and a 12 year old. But of course our main character is exposed to such concepts by her father's occupation.
    I love the look of the Pivoine blouse, and always like hearing about different independent designers.
    You could also look at inspiration from clothing worn in courts such as a jacket inspired by the barrister gowns (robes) which gave interesting elements or the structured uniform of police.

    So much to think about, but first of all - who did it? (I hadn't realised gardening was such a dangerous hobby!) This also makes me think of a gardening apron ........ maybe then the nightdress wouldn't have got so dirty....

    1. Glad you are enjoying it so far! And love your ideas for further inspo - including a gardening apron, lol. I really love the Pivoine blouse, it's so pretty. Still haven't decided what to make myself, though!


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