Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Spring 2022 Sewing Plans

I've reset my sewing from Fall plans to my Spring/Summer plans, using the latest round of the Seamwork Design Your Wardrobe process. This time the focus is on Silhouettes. 

I added my Fall planning to the mix and have just slightly updated it for summer sewing. Last Fall I chose the words Bold Playful Power Suit for my sewing theme, using bright jewel tones and geometric prints mixed with classic workwear looks. I'm shifting that in just a small way for the next few months, since I'm still feeling it. For Spring/Summer, I'd like to focus on dresses in bright colours or geometric prints as well -- the silhouettes being ones with clean lines and no fuss. 

My theme is Tailored Comfort & Colour, with a hint of the 80s. I'm still really feeling the lure of 80s colour and print so will be using some of my 80s sewing patterns for parts of my summer wardrobe. Not exactly sure which ones yet, but I have many to choose from! I am especially drawn to straight shift dresses and am hoping to use some of the linens and silk noil in my stash. 

I still have a couple of blazers to finish from my Fall sewing plans, after which I'll be prioritizing some dress patterns (including a couple from my Make Nine 2022 as well!) I think I'll be keeping busy. No problems there. 

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