Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Holiday Gatherings for the Garment Guild

It's getting to be that festive season, and my local sewing group, the Stratford Garment Guild, had our holiday Zoom party today. It's lots of fun to get together with other sewing friends and talk all things patterns and sewing. To make it a little festive we also played a few virtual party games. 

The first one was a little game of Sewing Have You Ever -- the Naughty & Nice version! I had fun putting these lists together and discovering just how Naughty or Nice our members are ;) 

I thought you might have fun with this too, so here it is so you can play along...how Naughty or Nice were you out of 10 this year (or ever??)

  1. Sewed Over Pins
  2. Used Fabric Scissors for something that was not fabric
  3. Sewed through your finger
  4. Lost a pattern piece in the middle of making something
  5. Had a rotary cutter accident
  6. Forgot to add seam allowances
  7. Cut a hole in your project while trimming seams
  8. Made something but never wore it
  9. Bought the same pattern twice...by accident
  10. Have more than 5 projects in your UFO pile

  1. Sewed a gift for someone else
  2. Taught someone to sew
  3. Used your scraps to make something new
  4. Used recycled/upcycled fabric or thread
  5. Sewed something that fit you perfectly
  6. Have used more than 5 specialty feet for your machine
  7. Mended/refashioned something in your wardrobe instead of getting rid of it
  8. Tackled a hard project that intimidated you at first
  9. Added pockets to a pattern that didn't have any
  10. Made a whole project without using one swear word

If you play along, let us know your score in the comments so we can commiserate and celebrate!


  1. Naughty 7 Nice 9 Have a Merry Christmas. Love reading your posts as a fellow Canadian

    1. Merry Christmas to you too! Glad you enjoy the posts 🙂

  2. Naughty 5 Nice 7!!

    I enjoy this blog--fun post!

    1. Ah, slightly nicer than naughty this year 😁 Glad you played along!

  3. No rotary cutter accident, yet, but I have done everything else on both lists. I have always known that I am naughty and nice!

    1. Wow, the most even response I have heard yet! You must be a well balanced person 😄

  4. I'm 100% on the Naughty List, and 90% on the Nice list (never having used more than 5 specialty feet). I'm surprised I managed to clinch #10 on the Nice list, too, but I realize my last project did not entail so much as a mild oath! lol

    1. Haha, so fun :) Maybe you'll try out a few specialty feet in the New Year!


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