Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Time for a Designin' December Decision!

Linda at Nice Dress, Thanks I Made It! is running her Designin' December challenge again for the 6th year. This is a fun challenge, asking participants to knock off a designer outfit and reveal it in December. There are some prizes too, but I just love the idea of making a knockoff ;)

I thought it might be fun to participate this year, as I always enjoy PatternReview's Bargainista Fashionista contest but never get around to making a project, and have watched this challenge for the last couple of years but never joined in. 

There are a lot of designer outfits I would absolutely love to make. I have this Dior dress from Fall 2018 pinned on my sewing board - someday I will make it! 

But probably not this time around in the time constraints I have. There is also this gorgeous Chanel Spring 2021 dress that I wanted to make earlier this year, but I don't have quite all the necessary bits to do it yet. 

However, I also really like this checked outfit from Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 and am considering copying the simple jacket to go with the checked skirt I've already made.

But as it turns out, my fall sewing plans and Dior's latest show -- Spring 2022 -- have coincided somewhat, and I think I have decided on my actual project. Inspired by the many colourful skirt suits in the Dior show, I am combining two views:

I'll be using the colour and the sleeve length from the green jacket, but the style lines from the black jacket. I have New Look 6159 on tap for the jacket and think I will probably use one of the Burda pencil skirt patterns I've made recently for the skirt part. 

I picked up a green twill at the thrift store a while ago that is almost the exact tone of the Dior suit, and I have some fun dotted lining in the stash, too. I'm looking forward to continuing my Bold Playful Power Suit sewing theme, with a dash of Dior in it! 

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