Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Busy Month of May!

 May is turning out to be a super busy sewing month! I have so many things I'd like to do this month...I'm going to note them all here and see how many I've tackled by the end of the month ;)

May of course brings #MeMadeMay, one of the longest standing and most-participated-in sewing community challenges out there. It's not a photo challenge, as host SoZo always reminds us. So I'm not really planning on taking daily photos, but I always enjoy the challenge to look at your me-made wardrobe and see how it's working for you. My 'pledge' is to see what I reach for most, and incorporate those findings into future makes so that my wardrobe will be based on things I actually wear. My recent MyBodyModel 3x3 sketch is helping me to test out ideas for my next few projects, and I'm working on another sketch now to test out some other summer pattern ideas. 

May also brings one of my favourite contests over at PatternReview, the Bargainista Fashionista! This is a challenge to knock-off a piece of designer clothing, and estimate how much money you saved doing so. It's such fun to look at outrageously expensive clothing and think about how you could make the same kind of thing. I have a few high end couture pieces I've always wanted to copy, but I don't know if I'd actually wear them in the end, and am I really saving anything by making them if I'm not going to wear them? So even though May has already started, I'm waffling between project ideas. 

The Stratford Garment Guild has a monthly sewing challenge, and this month's is to make something from the classes on CreativeBug, as this is a database that is widely available in our local library system. I've downloaded the Adrienne Blouse by Friday Pattern Company as my project, I just hope I can get it finished (um, started...) before our next meeting. 

Of course, I am also working on a project for my own Literary Sewing Circle! The project link up will be posted later this week, and we'll have to the end of the month to post something. I have one project underway and another one as a potential addition, so we'll see. 

There is also a great Instagram challenge that has been restarted, the #DressLikeYourGrandma2021 vintage challenge. I love this one, the makes and the pictures are always so much fun to go through. I have a picture of my actual Grandma that I'd love to use, but there are also some other vintage images that are really, really tempting me. 

So what I really need this month is more time...I have lots of ideas, no problems there!


  1. What great challenges! But I really like your pledge, to look at what you go for the most and plan based on that. It is nice having well made clothes hanging in our wardrobes, but really, if they are clothes we don't actually wear then maybe they need upcycling, despite being well made. I have lots of those!! And what I do choose on a daily basis are getting tired. Something for me to think about.

    1. Same here, so I want to really consider what I actually feel comfortable wearing along with just the excitement over a new project idea!


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