Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Spring Flowers Dress: inspired by Burda

I recently finished this lightweight summer dress in a bright spring floral print. It was a rayon that I've had for a while (I've been trying to use my stash for a while, and yet it still doesn't look any smaller...)

I'd say that this dress is "inspired" by Burda #118 04/2020. I made quite a few changes. 

First off, I made this in a rayon -- the sample fabric for the magazine version was a jersey. And I added side seam pockets, there is no reason not to with this this more a-line skirt profile. Then I changed the neckline finish from a facing to a bias facing, my usual preference for a tidy finish. 

The waistline technique was a bit strange. Burda wanted you to gather the waistline on bodice and skirt, then add elastic to the waist seam (using seam allowances as a casing). I only pre-gathered as much as absolutely necessary to attach the bodice and skirt, as the elastic will take care of the necessary gathering. Additionally, I hate using seam allowance casings, they never work out, as the seam allowances are always too small. I forgot to add extra at the waist seam while cutting, and my rayon is quite fray-prone, so I'm not sure how long it will last.  

So I don't think this ended up much like the original pattern, in the details, although it does look quite similar. I didn't make the matching ribbon belt, mostly because I didn't have any grosgrain ribbon of the right colours, and retail shops are closed. I wasn't so keen that I felt interest in ordering online. I just used a RTW belt that I already owned! 

The only thing I would change if I made this again would be to raise the arm opening- it's quite roomy,  so you can see my bra when I move around, well, if you're looking,  I guess  ;) 

It is a very comfortable and light dress, though, great for the first really warm day this year. 


  1. Lovely dress, your adaptations sound sensible

    1. Thanks, I am quite happy with it -- very summery and pockets, of course!


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