Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Cover Designs 21!: Let's Talk About Love


Cover Designs is a feature in which I try to match up the outfit on a book cover with a dress pattern and sometimes even potential fabric matches as well. Today's choice is a Valentine-y title with some unexpected characters. 

Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann is an unusual love story about a biromatic asexual woman working at a library. After her girlfriend leaves her because she admits she's asexual, Alice decides that her summer working at a library is going to be all about her. But then she meets Takumi, and feels all sorts of attraction for him. But is it worth jeopardizing their growing friendship by acknowledging her feelings, which are usually misunderstood anyhow? You'll have to read this to find out...

This cover is beautiful. From the woman who is clearly confident in herself to the gorgeous (silk linen?) dress with that stand out neck ruffle, I love this cover!

This would be a pretty easy dress to hack from any trapeze style pattern - if you have a raglan pattern just remove the sleeves and finish the arm openings with a facing. Add a ruffle to any pattern as well, to get this stunning look.

This Laelia tunic dress from Mood Sewciety is free, and a nearly perfect match! All you'd need to do is sew a wide tube ruffle all along the neckband on this dress to get the fashionable look of the book cover. Fortunately the Laelia has a nice wide collar band to stitch a nice ruffle to, pretty easily! (Just sew a tube of fabric to the appropriate width, and then gather along the centre to make a finished neck ruffle).

You might want to use this light cotton twill from Mood itself, to add some structure and flow to this dress. 

Or maybe you want to luxe it up with this Silk Noil from Mulberry & McNab. It's a breathable, natural fabric with a wonderful drape.

Whichever one you choose, enjoy the floatiness of this silhouette when you copy this cover design!


  1. My 1980s Vogue pattern 7210 has a similar cut, lacking the neck ruffle. But... it has pockets! Always a plus for me in a dress.

    1. Oh, I 100% agree on the necessity for pockets!


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