Friday, January 29, 2021

A Simple Mend

I have a favourite black cardigan that I bought years ago -- it gets heavy usage! Just this week I noticed that there was a run in the knit right close to the pocket. Not surprisingly, since that the area that is most handled, plus at the level to catch on things.

Thankfully, I'd just finished Mend by Kate Sekules when I noticed this. So I tried out some of the ideas she shared in her book, and mended my favourite black cardie to wear another day. I didn't use any of the colourful visible mending techniques, I just wanted this one to patch the run so it didn't grow, and so I could wear this black topper with everything, as always. 

So I just used some DMC 310, basic black, 3 strands, and gave this a basic darning mend. I think it turned out pretty good, and will let me continue wearing this without causing more damage. It's more of a weave than a knit mend, but it's nice and secure and fairly unobtrusive. I'm pleased with it! 

The success of this basic mend also inspired me to finally do a very fast mend of the lining in my winter jacket, which had split at the shoulder seam. It just needed the seam stitched back together for about 2". Why did I put it off for a whole season? No idea! Anyhow, done now, and another mend satisfactorily off my mind. 

Hopefully this trend of fixing things before it's too late will continue around these parts... ;)


  1. I totally put off mending all the time, and as you said, often it's so simple!

    1. It's just not as exciting as starting a new project...but I'm determined to do more of it and take care of my current wardrobe!


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