Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mandy Boat Tee in Maze Print

I had a great fabric that I got from a remnant table, and liked it so much I put it on my #UseNine2020 list. But as often happens with fabric I really love, I was scared to use it in case the pattern wasn't right and I'd have wasted the fabric -- does this happen to you too?

In any case, now that the weather is turning toward fall, I started to feel in the mood for some warmer sewing, and got this cozy knit out again. I decided to repeat a pattern that I know worked for me before, the Mandy Boat Tee. I had just over a metre of this fabric so just enough for the 3/4 sleeve, which is my preference anyhow! 

The first time I made this I noted that the sleeve was pretty tight. This knit isn't very stretchy, so with that in mind I added a pinch of extra space in the sleeve this time, but just barely enough, as they are quite snug -- comfortably so but I'm glad I added that little bit extra! I did want this one fairly close fitting in the shoulder and sleeve, though, as I hope to be able to wear it under some of my jumpers this fall and winter as well as on its own.

But that sleeve size is definitely something to watch. I'm sure in a stretchier knit it would be fine but I'll be adding that extra bit to my pattern so I don't forget if I make this again. 

Like I noted in my first make, the shoulder/neckline finish on this pattern is pretty slick -- it's a simple dart when you're nearly done that makes the shoulder area lie nice and flat and hides any seam allowance perfectly. I can't figure out how it disappears into the seam so invisibly!

Couldn't match stripes at the shoulder. 
Win some, lose some!

I'm pretty happy with this one. I love the fabric and am pleased that the print was able to be arranged in a visually pleasing way on the front of the top. It's a bit too warm this week to wear it (it's a nice heavy knit) but it won't be long before the weather calls for it. 

Are you getting in the mood for some fall sewing? Have you started anything new? I'm bad at planning ahead for the seasons, I just follow my moods once we are into it! But this was a happy result for me. 


  1. Love the way you strategically placed the fabric. The Mandy is a simple but good design, and yes the neck dart is something I now use on many tops. I very much inderstand not wanting to cut into fabric, it is a problem I have, and hard to overcome, particularly if it is a favourite fabric and you are not sure if pattern will work. But what good is fabric in a box I ask myself? (Still hard to cut into though .....)

    1. It is hard to finally cut into something! I like the way the pattern ended up flowing on this but do wish I'd have made the sleeve just a bit wider. Oh well! At least I can wear this fabric now :)

  2. Love your Mandy! Is this the original version or the revamped one? (Fairly recently.)

    1. It's the newer one, the four size version. Sleeves are still skinny though!


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