Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Sewcial Distancing

By this time I am sure that we are all cognizant of the spread of Covid 19. My library has closed indefinitely, and so all staff asked to stay home and self isolate as much as possible to slow down the spread. I will gladly do so if that means that the outbreak will be minimized as much as possible. And I hope you are all doing the same.

Fortunately for sewists in this situation we have a hobby that can give us weeks of occupation while staying home. I could spend a whole week just on cleaning and organizing my sewing room and varied stashes.

I've started making plans for some sewing during this time, and here's what I've come up with.

A couple of new items added to the stack.

Traced off 5 Burda patterns yesterday and am now matching them up with fabrics

A "back up" stack of potential makes ;)
Plus I have to finish a dress for a pattern test that I'm doing, so will have to share that one in future. I think that will keep me busy!

Of course, I also have tons of reading to do; my Goodreads TBR is currently sitting at 1705 titles, and I probably have 30 books I could pick up immediately on my shelves already.

If I start feeling a little too isolated, there are great challenges popping up on Instagram to keep us connected during this quarantine period. I love the idea of #SewcialDistancingChallenge. I have a vintage housedress pattern that might be perfect for this!

With my son’s respiratory issues, we’ve been moderately social distancing ourselves for the past couple of weeks. Even with my family around, it’s a pretty lonely experience. And with my family around, it is a crazy-making experience. I have had no desire to dress up, sew (be it costumes or vintage clothing) because, well, there’s nowhere to go and it just seems so trivial.⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣I decided this morning that enough was enough and I’m going to focus on not dressing for going out, but staying in. And who else knew how to look good stuck in the home but our foremothers? So… I went into my sewing room and picked a house dress pattern and some vintage rayon that I’ve had for forever. ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣If you want to join in and share what you’re making for our shared confinement, join the #sewcialdistancingchallenge. Be it, a robe, nightgown, lounging clothes, or a housedress — just make something and strut it around the house!⁣ Please share this post with anyone in your life who needs a distraction right now! ⁣⁣ ⁣#vintagesewing #vintageclothing #sewing @memade #1940sstyle #1940sfashion #vintagepattern #vintagefabric #vintagestyle #sewcialistsofinstagram #sewersofinstagram #sewcialdistancing
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There is also a hashtag started by the Sewcialists, #SewStayHome, which will have ideas on how to manage your time alone, if that idea alarms you.

How are you doing? Do you have lots of plans to keep you busy?

I hope you are able to self isolate as much as possible and take care of yourselves and others. Let's stick together!


  1. I am teaching in the UK and the schools are still open [hopefully not for much longer, staffing levels are dropping daily]. I'm looking forward to a very long period at home, working through my excessive stash. Two beautiful lengths of vintage chinese silk satin brocade are earmarked for short kimonos already, and glamorous lounging pyjamas would seem to be the order of the day., Hurrah for PDF patterns and a printer too! I will return to school eventually in an outstandingly fabulous wardrobe lol

    1. Lounging pyjamas sound amazing. Hope you get the chance to work on them soon!

      I can't believe your schools are still open. Fingers crossed that you are able to close soon.

  2. I think we are very lucky yo have such a wonderful hobby as sewing - it helps people through many difficult times on so many levels. As all our groups stop meeting we do have our online presence. I will miss my frequent visits to library but we have ebooks to see us through. And there are quite a few sewing ebooks

    1. Absolutely! I have so much sewing that I'll never run out of projects. And it is so restorative to just sew for a few hours and not think about anything else. Our library also has a large elibrary available so I'm glad to hear you are using yours. I've downloaded a couple of audiobooks to keep me company in the sewing room, although actual books are not a problem as I have so many of them on my shelves!


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