Friday, January 24, 2020

Handy & Unusual Sewing Tools

At the last meeting of our local Stratford Garment Guild, we shared some of the more unusual sewing tools found in our sewing rooms.

This got me thinking about some of the more unusual things I use, and I thought I'd make a short list here showing off some of the oddball tools that serve me well!

1. Telescoping magnetic wand

These magnetic pick-up tools can also come with a light (like mine) and can be easily found in the automotive department of your local hardware store. Handy for dropped and missing pins that end up under your sewing table. And for getting in between the wall and your cabinets!

2. Plant cover fabric

I buy huge packages of this at Dollarama to trace my pdf & Burda patterns -- it's cheap, easy to see through, and takes a ballpoint pen nicely. It is a little harder to see your pattern notations on this than it is on tissue, but on the other hand this stuff is sturdy! It reminds me of interfacing. You can't iron it unless you use low heat and a press cloth though - it will melt on to your iron otherwise. Heads up.

3. Crayola Washable Markers

Even though I do have a Frixion pen or two, these wide Washable Markers are handy for marking pattern notations on the wrong side of fabric. I like how quick and easy they are to use with basic cottons or any smooth fabric. And they almost always wash out well (NB: Test First!) They are helpful with darts, notches, etc. Even with embroidery!

And in new & strange tools that I don't have yet  -- I want to add a tape dispenser clip to my arsenal soon: my husband saw one at Michaels, though they are also available at Staples. It should make taping together pdfs much quicker, if the tape stays put on the edge of the table.

Do you have any unexpected items that make your sewing life easier? Do tell!


  1. I have one of those magnetic sticks too- my wife went off to Wilco and got me an entire toolkit cos she was fed up of me borrowing from hers. Now she borrows mine....I use my forceps a lot when threading my overlocker or faffing about with zip pulls.
    I could not cope without my desktop needle threader, buttonhole chisel, or awl [not that they are unusual]
    Tools are GREAT

    1. I love tools too -- I really want a buttonhole chisel :) Nice that you got your own tool set, LOL!

  2. I JUST read a blog post about the only six tools you need to sew - which was such a good segway to this post! Gotta get the tape dispenser. I hate PDFs, but I could applaud you and your husband when I did have to tape them together! Now I'm worried about the pins that I've ignored that must be buried deep in the loopy berber (only WTW) carpet in my house. Oy vey.
    I think I'll stop reading and go sew...

    1. Ha, I am definitely a maximalist when it comes to sewing stash of any kind, tools included ;) I am looking forward to using my handy tape dispenser for my next round of PDF taping.

  3. The chisel is awesome, but the little bitty wooden block that goes with it is 😍 !!!


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