Sunday, December 15, 2019

Weekend Review: The Mindful Maker

The Mindful Maker / Clare Youngs
London: CICO, c2019.
128 p.
This is a book that is new at my library, and I'm so glad I checked it out. It's lovely. It is full of a wide variety of projects using many different, trendy craft techniques, but it is also full of the philosophy of making for mental health.

It has 35 projects, from home decor items to wall art to gifts for adults and children. Some are quick, some are more time intensive. We find macrame, weaving, punchneedle, embroidery, sewing, latch hook, sashiko, stamping, mending and more.

punchneedle! So trendy. But so pretty.
From simple bags to trendy tasselled earrings, from pillows to wall hangings to mobiles, there are so many different ways to make something mindfully in this book. The photos are lovely, quiet and aspirational. I do like how most of them are natural in materials or intent, and the feeling behind making is explored. There are throwbacks to more 'vintage' makes as well, including a string bag like the one I saw in the 1943 booklet I shared last week!

This is a delightful book. If you are still thinking about starting a gift for this season, this might be a good inspiration to get moving on something. Or, the book itself would be a great gift for anyone who know who is interested in getting into crafting -- there are so many choices of craft in it that surely one project would appeal. You could even give it with a promise to teach a technique to your gift recipient.

I think the balance of projects is good in this book, and the instruction is clear and thorough. The added elements of why crafting is a good thing just perk it up a little bit more than your average craft book. It might even be a good partner to Sewing Happiness, if you are into this kind of thing.

I was happy to discover this at my local library. Punchneedle is definitely on my radar for 2020. Any new techniques in your plans for the new year?

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