Friday, December 27, 2019

#SewingTop5 NonSewing Highlights

Community Art Program

Something at work that is tangentially connected to sewing is the Community Art Project that I started last year. It's been running for a year now, and is so much fun to organize! At my library we feature local artists who want to share their work in an open public setting. I have featured pieces from my local quilt club, as well as paintings, photos and more over this year. I have big plans for 2020, too! I've even been able to share some of my own textile work :)

Sewcialists Wordpress Ad

How exciting was this? I got to attend the filming of a Wordpress ad featuring the Sewcialists, as part of their campaign highlighting how Wordpress can facilitate community online. It was a really fun night catching up with sewing friends and being able to help out :)

Winning a PR Contest

I have entered quite a lot of contests over at PatternReview over the years -- it is usually fun and entertaining to have a 'brief' of sorts to sew to. But this year I actually won a contest! I won the Match Your Shoes contest for this outfit. Prize of more patterns, the best ;)

Stratford Garment Guild

The Stratford Garment Guild is a new thing I started this year, along with four other local sewists. It's been a fantastic group!! We've just started meeting in September but already have a large group of regulars. We feature special speakers, social events, and are planning to start hosting sew-ins and/or classes in 2020. It's just so great to get together with other sewists who love to talk sewing! I'm really enjoying the planning and the social nature of this group so far. We can only grow from here.

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