Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Burda in October Gold

I think this is the fastest turnaround I've ever had between receiving a Burda magazine and sewing something from that issue. This easy tee is #115 from the October issue of this year! I traced it off last week, simple since there are only 3 pieces, and sewed it up from a piece of lightweight knit in my stash that I wasn't sure what to do with.

I only bought the fabric because I thought the print was faintly Egyptian in tone - those leaf shapes or something about it caught my eye. But then I found it also matched a fabulous painting that's on show at my library right now ;)  (artist is Kevin Kemp)

I wasn't 100% sure that I'd like this top, since the front is much shorter than the back, and I don't often like to highlight that area of my body. But once I put it on I realized it was fine, and the shape is really a nice flow from front to back. I did add 1.5" to the length both back and front though.

And one of the best parts is that it is super swishy when you move! I think the fabric is perfect for this; it's light but not super stretchy, and has a solid hand despite the thinness of it.

The pattern itself was not hard to make. I traced off a 44 but should have made sure that the neckline was narrowed to about a 40 before cutting. I got a great piece of advice from a fellow Stratford Garment Guild member at our meeting last week, though -- add a neckband and it will both help stabilize the neckline a bit and add some bra strap coverage. Good thing I have a few bits of the fabric left to get a band from.

The cut is really fun, incorporating sections that jut out at the side bottom of the shirt. These pieces drape but you can see how much fabric is there when it's held out. That's the swing for you.

I can't stop swishing in this one! For a Burda pattern it was pretty easy. I am wearing the sleeves scrunched up at all times so might go back and shorten/narrow them a bit as well. The pattern instructed you to set in the sleeves, which I thought was a bit bonkers, so sewed them in flat and then sewed up the long side seams. If you also want to do that, just be careful at the angle where the sleeve joins the body - it's a tiny bit awkward but easier than setting in a stretchy sleeve.

I used a very narrow zigzag to stitch this one together, even the hems. I could have used a double needle for the finishing but didn't bother. With a bit of a gentle press, all the hems and the neckline lie smoothly anyhow.

Another fun Burda top to add to my files! I enjoyed wearing this.


  1. I just recently started following your blog and I am really enjoying it. I would never have looked at this pattern twice, but you have done such a nice job and it looks so floaty and feminine. Very pretty. Like the idea of the neckband as I also have trouble with wide necklines with my narrow shoulders.

    1. Thanks for stopping to comment! It is a floaty and pretty top, I really enjoy wearing it. I have to remember to measure the shoulder width before cutting next time ;) But I do think a neckband will help with this version.

  2. Are you using the burda uk magazine? Are you in the us? I am finding this difficult to find. Luckily our barnes and noble started to carry the uk version and i hope they continue but will give me no promises. I wish i could subscribe. Great top! Loving it!

    1. I'm in Canada, and I subscribe to Burda now via our new distributor, Sunrise News. It is the UK version. So far I haven't had any problems with their service at all. I believe they may offer services to the US as well, you could check.

      Sunrise News
      Tel + 1 647-219-5205


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