Sunday, October 6, 2019

Weekend Review: Stylish Wraps

Stylish Wraps Sewing Book / Yoshiko Tsukiori
trans. from the Japanese by
X: Tuttle, c2017.
80 p.
Another book in my collection of Japanese sewing books, this one is a bit different as it is all focused on outerwear. (Even if a couple of the items can also be made up as a coat dress).

I'm not a huge poncho fan, but there is much more to this book than just a quick cape like the cover image. There are 22 patterns for coats, shawls, shrugs, wraps; all sorts of things you might wear over something else. Even if these poncho style tops are awfully cute.

Most of the designs are pretty simple, which is good, even if there are patterns included in the back of this one. I like Tsukiori's aesthetic, and it's nice that in these Tuttle books they are Westernized enough that there are patterns in the book and often a wider range of sizing. Unfortunately, the range here is limited, between a Japanese 7 & 13, about a 31-37" bust and 34-39" hip.The styles do fall into the oversized style of many of these books, so they could be more adaptable with a little work.

Like all of these books, there is a lovely spread of images to start off, with styled pictures of all the patterns. There are 22 patterns, and a good handful that interest me. I think the one that is most catching my eye right now is a clever convertible jacket/shrug which gathers up to tie at the front to give a much different look than when it's worn loose and open.

Then the second half of the book is the instruction and technique part, with more detail of each make. I think that this one is a great addition to a collection, since the patterns are all quite different from more standard dress/top designs in most of the other books. 

There are some very pretty styles here, but I also think that they are very wearable for people who are not necessarily tiny and cute Japanese women! Many of these seem both straightforward to make and really multipurpose to wear. There are even a couple of 'extras' in this book -- a pattern for a knitted hat, leg warmers, and even a book cover(!) are added in.

I enjoyed the fun feel to this book, and the way that many of these designs could be adaptable to many fabrics and personal style choices. (for example, my fave British sewist and stylish dresser, Marcia Lois Riddington, has used patterns from this book for her own unmistakeable style)

Definitely one to add to the shelf if you like Japanese sewing books!


  1. Ha! I have this book on my shelves. I really think we must have very similar tastes in these books. I haven't made anything, but I love the Japanese patterns.

    1. :) I think we must. I also have not actually made anything yet but I do love looking through them.

  2. I am making bolero L from stylish wraps but don’t know if I am supposed to add seam allowances to the pattern piece rectangles that I draft myself. It seems they would be included in the diagram provided above the cutting layout.


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