Sunday, October 13, 2019

Weekend Review: Shape Shape 2

Shape Shape 2: sewing for Minimalist Style /
Natsuno Hiraiwa
trans. by Atsuko Imanishi
Loveland, CO: Interweave, c2013.
119 p.
This Japanese sewing book is a little different from the others that I own. The sizing runs in 3 sizes, S M & L, which translates out to a 34"-40.5" bust and 36" - 42.5" hip. The pieces are fairly loose-fitting and are made with very few pieces, so sizing might be something you have to watch when trying these out.

There are only 9 clothing patterns and 4 accessory patterns in this book, so a lot fewer than in other books. That said, I would like to make up 7 of the garments and 2 of the accessories so that's a pretty good ratio! 

Many of these designs are clever and easy to make, and they aren't all the oversize dress aesthetic of other Japanese books. There are a couple of jackets, skirts and tops each. And one of the accessories is a flat belt with a hidden pocket. Love that idea - I've added pockets to belts before, myself, but am going to try this technique. 

One of the skirts can be adapted to make itself into harem pants with a couple of buttons near the bottom. I'd be interested to see how this works in reality and if walking is compromised at all with the switch. It's very clever. 

The French pleated blouse is my favourite item, I think --  it's cut in two pieces; the front and back are cut as one and it is then seamed together at the centre back. The shoulder is pleated to create the necessary shaping. It's simple and pretty. 

Overall, I recommend this one if you have an interest in this area. It's different, more streamlined designs, and has a good variety of pieces to try out. I'll have to try something and see if the sizing is easy enough to adjust or not, however! I'm enjoying my trip through my Japanese sewing book shelf and will have one more to share with you before month's end. 

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