Friday, August 9, 2019

Candy Coloured Night Dress

I saw this colourful and lightweight striped cotton at Fabricland and just couldn't resist it. I knew I had to make a summer nightgown out of it, and used one of the many vintage patterns I had laying around, Butterick 3559. I made view B, short with flutter sleeves.

The pattern calls for lace as the yoke and shoulder strap pieces but seeing as I didn't have any, and prefer no scratchiness, I just cut the pieces from the fabric as well. Originally I thought of doubling up those pieces so I could self-line the yoke to finish the edges, but in the end I just used a very lightweight vintage percale bias binding in a lovely shade of green to finish the neckline all the way around. That little splash of green makes me happy :)

It worked nicely and was a quick sew; the yoke was the only "difficult" part, compared to the gathered rectangular sewing in the rest. I love the floppy sleeve and the floatiness of this pattern (although it also runs quite large - I did have to narrow the yoke at front & back centre by 2"! -- which I only figured out after making it so I just folded out a central pleat for both).

I also added some teeny tiny buttons from my stash to the front edge to make it easier to keep track of which way around it should go. Finally a use for those tiny buttons!

I think that these two pieces of nightwear I've shared his week will last me for a while, and I will most likely not have to make any more for a few years -- but a robe might be the next necessary project... What should it be? A Suki? A Jalie Mélanie? Do you have a favourite robe pattern?


  1. This is cute and the colors are so cheerful.

    I have to stop myself from making a ton of nighties and PJs all the time. They are so fun and an easy place to get creative :)

    1. Now that I've made two I will have to hold myself back! They are so fun to make :)

  2. Nightwear is not something I have thought of sewing in a very long time. But I can see it could be fun, and way less forgiving with fit. And (just to further persuade myself) why not have fun (fabric etc) nightwear rather than practical. I will have to think about this.

    1. This is the first time I've made myself nightwear, and then I had to make more than one! I quite enjoyed it -- as you say, loose nightgowns are really forgiving with fit.


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