Friday, July 26, 2019

Style Arc Adeline: A Real Green Tablecloth Dress

I did it! I finally made a StyleArc Adeline dress :) 

It was the perfect time for it: not only did I find this wonderful green linen at the thrift store, in its original form as a tablecloth, but I've also been rereading some Virginia Woolf this summer, and her given name (that she never used, but still) was Adeline. So I was inspired! Maybe in this dress I will go buy the flowers myself. 

This wasn't a terribly hard project, but there were some little things about it that I found challenging. I tried to figure out how much to shorten it: that was difficult with this pattern -- should I take anything up above the waist? At the shaped hem? What to do? In the end, I folded out 1/2" above the waist, then took almost 2" up in the back. I cut the pattern at the lengthen/shorten line on the back and slid it up 2" so as not to disturb the shape. But then I had to smooth out the front curve a bit to match the back once I'd sewn them together. I just did a bit of similar shaping on the facing and it all worked out in the end -- not as much fiddling as I'd expected, really. 

The only other iffy thing is that my pocket application is only so-so -- they aren't completely smooth so do bulge/wrinkle a bit. I should have lined them so they don't stick to the dress underneath. It is pretty tacky against itself. 

What do I love about this pattern? I'm very pleased with the pretty topstitching feature at the neck and hem (though I think a bit of a steam press would help with the little lumps and bumps here and there). 

It also gives me the chance to wear this Cuban made necklace which
 my sister brought home for me from her trip there

And I really like the sleeves. I was considering shortening them a bit when I cut this out but I'm glad I left it as is -- I like this length once the cuff is folded up. The hi-lo hem has been made very much less hi-lo, which I prefer, though there is still a bit of a curve to it. And I like how it narrows at the knee - I wasn't sure this silhouette would work for my figure, but I like it in a standing and posing position.

However, this is also one part I'm not 100% sure about. I have to shimmy into the dress, and the range of motion when walking is fine, as long as I'm not in a hurry and trying to stride. And sitting is a bit of an issue; when I sit I have to pull it up and bag it out a bit to fit it around my hips comfortably. So not something to wear if I'm on stage or somewhere that people are looking at me straight on while sitting!

But overall I am pleased with this dress and will wear it when it cools down a little, since I will most likely have to wear a slip as well when I wear it in everyday light and am not in the shade. It's just a bit see-through. 

Have you made an Adeline? What has been your experience with it? Or, have you ever upcycled a tablecloth into something you love wearing?


  1. Very nice! I'm not a fan of these hi-lo hems either. I have a couple of dresses that have these fashionable side bulges and narrower hem, and they can be a bit of a pain as you said if you do need to take larger strides. they look great though!

    1. Yes, I think if I'm going somewhere where I'll be standing around a lot it will be perfect :) I do like the shape and this fabric so will try to wear it when I can.

  2. Love your dress! It is a beautiful shade of green! Looks very nice on you!

    1. Thank you Linda! I am pleased that I ended up liking this shape on me :)


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