Friday, July 5, 2019

Drop-Sleeve Top in Bright Summery Floral

I made one last free pattern in June (the Drop Sleeve Top -- a free offering from The Avid Seamstress when you sign up for her newsletter) and have been waiting to share it with you...but I haven't been able to wear it yet as it has been SO HOT here. Like, 40 Celsius hot. I've been wearing my very lightest summer frocks and staying inside most of the days instead of wearing my lovely new drop shoulder top. It's fairly light, but not quite enough for this sultry weather.

But I braved the hot outdoors to take a quick pick or two to share with you. Please excuse the humidity frizz and shine, haha!

This pattern was so easy to make. The pattern is simple, it all goes together beautifully, and is a quick project. I moved from cutting out the pattern before dinner to trying it on and giving it a final press before bedtime.

I had a length of very pretty quilting cotton in my stash that was too short for a dress, but I thought it needed a pattern with a bit of structure -- it doesn't have any drape, really. This one was perfect, even if I did make a few little changes to it.

I omitted the back slit, as it fit easily over my head (a good way to test this is to pin together the facing patter pieces and see if you have any problem getting it over your head -- even with my huge noggin I had no difficulty). So I cut the back on a fold as well, making sure to omit the seam allowance from the centre back. Because of this I also omitted the facings, choosing to use a vintage pink bias binding in my stash for a bias facing instead. It matched perfectly, and I find the vintage bias packages have a much lighter weight to them than the modern polycotton ones.

I graded out from one size at the neck to the next size at the hip (my usual size alterations) and also gave myself a 3"slit on each side seam. This was mostly because when I basted & tried it on, the cotton stuck to my backside more than I wished -- it is cotton after all. So I left a little 'swing' room with some side slits. It was all that I needed.

I was planning to only add a cuff to each sleeve to make more summery, but when I pinned on the lower sleeve portion it looked much better the way it had been drafted than with a cuff. I did shorten the lower sleeve piece by 2 or 3 inches originally, though; I have short arms.

It just went together like a charm and I love the look of it. Now if it will only cool down enough for me to wear it for more than five minutes at a time!


  1. oooh free pattern...and I need more simple summer tops...and I have all those lovely bright cotton prints...I'm off!

    1. Do it! I really like the fit of this one. I'd also like to make it in a softer fabric, which I am sure would change the feel of it.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Finally got to use that floral that's been in the stash for ages :)


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