Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Basic Black

Sometimes you've just got to make something that you really need, even if it seems like boring sewing! I really needed a new black skirt -- my default RTW pair are both getting old and tired, and somehow they don't seem to fit well anymore...

Instead of going shopping, obviously I checked my stash of patterns and fabrics. I found this Butterick 5466 and matched it up with a remnant in my stash, a fairly sturdy stretch woven that I'd picked up cheap because it had some markings on the wrong side. With this panelled skirt I was able to cut around most of the markings and make something useful!

I chose View E, and didn't make many alterations. I cut the waist at 18 and the rest at 20, basted and tried it on and then decided to add some side seam pockets. I used scraps of cotton broadcloth for lightweight pockets. They mostly worked; the right side sags a bit so I'll be unpicking the pocket seam and redoing that side, just snugging it up a touch to make it lie more smoothly.

Otherwise, it fits quite well, and I like the higher, faced waist. I decided to use a bit of bias binding left from the scraps of an earlier project to cover the bottom edge of the facing. I can't stand skirt patterns drafted to fit below the waist -- they don't work on my body, I'm always wanting to pull them up.

I didn't shorten the pattern pieces, so I just decided what length I wanted to hem it at once it was done. I like this length and think that this basic will be very useful. Not an exciting or pretty make, but one that was much needed!


  1. Totally understand about basic garments, not much fun but sooo necessary! Cute skirt.

    1. Thanks -- boring sewing, but probably the most worn things in the wardrobe!

  2. sewcraftydebi@gmail.comJuly 10, 2019 at 5:30 PM

    I am so happy to finally discover that you have a blog! I have read your comments and seen photos of your "makes" on many other sewing-related sites. I love all the clothes that you sew...you are so talented. I also appreciate your fitting "hints & tips" that you have done to get your clothes to fit beautifully. You inspire me to sew more and to try new patterns & fabrics.

    I am desperately trying to find a copy of Kwik Sew 3559 top/dress pattern...it is OOP. I see where you have sewn it many times and love it as well. I sewed it several years ago, and absolutely loved the fit (I am hard to fit, or should I say not good at fitting!) Then I loaned my pattern to a friend at a guild, and unfortunately they never returned it to me before they moved away. I no longer have the dress that I had made with that pattern (I wore it out!) to use to make a copy of the pattern from. Do you have any idea where I might be able to find a copy of the pattern? I have tried ebay, etsy, kwik sew, several different retro & vintage pattern sites, etc, but no luck! Any advice would be appreciated.

    Keep sewing, blogging and sharing! And have a great summer! Thanks
    Deb (sewcraftydebi@gmail.com)

    (P.S. I am a fellow Canadian/Ontarian...I live in Trenton, Ontario. )

  3. Thanks for the kind words Deb! I appreciate it, and am glad to know what I share is helpful :)

    I'm not sure where else to find that pattern, I'd just keep looking on the 2nd hand sites. You might also want to post a pic on Insta & say you're looking for a copy, or post in PatternReview's classifieds if you're a paid member there.

    Trenton's not too far away -- maybe we'll meet in person some day!


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