Friday, June 28, 2019

Nautical Stripes with the Mandy Boat Tee

Another free pattern to try out! The very popular Mandy Boat Tee made its first appearance on my sewing table this month.

I've been focusing on trying to make up some of the many patterns I already own, and make some new tops. So the ever popular Mandy was a must.

This free pattern used to be only one size, but after some years of people making it and resizing it, Tessuti put out a revised version which now has four sizes. A little more user friendly!

The yard really was this lush this morning! So green!

When I got it out to trace, I found that it was a hand-drawn pattern which was pretty charming. I chose my size (3 = L/XL) and traced it out carefully, but I did find that even with the expanded sizing, the lower arm is pretty snug on my round arms. It might be partly the low stretch factor of the fabric, however.

This fabric has been in my stash for yonks! I picked it up because it was on a super sale a long time ago, planning to make a dress, but I never did. So I used some of it to make this Mandy. I thought the red & white stripes were suitably nautical for a Boat Tee, plus I might be able to wear it for Canada Day (but no luck there, it is supposed to be HOT for Canada Day so I will be going with one of my very lightweight red & white makes!)

In any case, this boxy tee is very boxy indeed. I'm not sure a straight boxy silhouette is the best one for a pear shaped figure -- it feels like there is a little too much excess fabric around my chest/underarm in order for it to fit at the hip, but again, a drapier knit might be perfect.

The sewing was so simple. They have a nice trick to the neckline; you start by turning under and stitching then sew the shoulders together. And when you're done you take a little dart at the neckline edges which magically disappears into the seam with no bulge and helps the neckline lie flat. It's amazing.

You sew the sleeves on flat, and then stitch up the sides and hem. It's so quick. I think that a summery version could easily be made by leaving the sleeve additions off and having just a slouchy shoulder/sleeve-ish finish.

It's a great pattern if you fit into the size range or can adapt it for yourself. Pretty easy. But I think I'll have to try Tessuti's Fave Top, another of their free patterns, next since it looks like a much more natural fit for a pearish figure.


  1. Love that tee, looks great on you!

    1. Thank you! I want to try it without the lower sleeve now, as a summery tee -- I've seen some versions like that which look quite nice too.


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