Tuesday, April 2, 2019

April Updates

I can hardly believe it's April already! March was a blur for me: I didn't get everything done that I'd planned. So here is a little update about what's happening in April around these parts...

I need to finish up my purple polka dotted dress for Fabricville! It's all cut out and ready to sew...I'd planned on finishing it last week, but flu put a halt to my plans. This week is the time :)

I did finish my Louis Antoinette Plume Dress for the Literary Sewing Circle sewalong, in the nick of time.

And then I discovered on Instagram that Louis Antoinette is running a sewalong contest, #hacklamode, in which you can pop over to their website, download the Lolita Dress for free, and hack it to your heart's content. Prizes & everything! It runs until May 5 so you have a month in which to get creative.

Another free sewalong, with random prizes, can be found over at BurdaStyle -- there is a track jacket sewalong hosted by Meg Healey. You can register for the sewalong and get a copy of the pattern, until the end of April. Registering makes you eligible for the prizes. If you've ever wanted to make a light rain jacket for these April showers, now is the time!

And of course today is the final episode of the Great British Sewing Bee -- while two of my favourites didn't make it to the final round, two others did. So I'll be watching with bated breath to see who triumphs this time around. And I so hope we won't have to wait years, again, before the next season.

What else for April? Well, I have many patterns in the queue that I'd like to try. I have a few books, like Breaking the Pattern, to trace some patterns from; I have a long queue of shirtdresses to get started on. There is always something!

What about you? Does April look busy for you?


  1. A July 27, 2018 post popped up in my blog lovin' feed this morning. I love books and am intrigued by your blog. I am a quilter but interested in all sorts of sewing. I am looking forward to exploring your blog. Nikki in Virginia, USA

    1. So funny that an old post showed up! I'm glad you found me though -- and I hope that you'll enjoy all the bookish content here :) I do a little bit of quilting but mostly garment sewing and stitching.

  2. Hi Melanie, I did get to see the Great British Sewing Bee in the end, some episodes were available through Australian Sewing Guild website, and other episodes .... well I managed. So inspiring!! I liked all the contestants with their quirks and ideas.

    As for April, it is going to speed by while I blink! I have many projects. Firstly, today I am helping my daughter make a pattern and sew using Chinelo Bally's freehand fashion technique. (Inspired by your book review). We started making the jacket today. Amazing! And I think it will work. Interestingly, I can find very few reviews of finished garments online. People don't seem to have tried this method much despite the initial interest. Maybe it is too 'out of the square'. In addition, I have an outfit to make for a family wedding in two weeks, sew a purse for the bride to hold, and numerous other projects on the go. And then I am off on a camping trip for a couple of weeks - a cross stitch project will have to satisfy me then.

    1. Wasn't it just wonderful? I really enjoyed this season of the Bee, and have heard that applications for another season are open so that is good news for all of us who love watching it!

      You do sound awfully busy with projects in April -- wedding sewing, yikes, that can be stressful! But I'm delighted to hear that you're trying out one of Chinelo's patterns. Happy to have passed that rec along :) Have fun on your vacay, stitching is a good portable project for that!


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