Friday, September 15, 2017

Literary Sewing Circle: Inspiration Post Part II

Well, the Literary Sewing Circle has taken off this week! I am so happy to share this podcast interview with you -- one of my favourite things to listen to while sewing are all the great sewing podcasts, but I never imagined I'd be a guest on one of them 😀

Luckily, Lori and Helena at the Clothes Making Mavens wanted to chat about this project, so please do listen in and you'll hear about the original impetus to get this going, as well as more chat about other books and how sewing inspiration can be found in nearly any great book!


And now for a different kind of inspiration -- after you've finished listening the conversation over at The Clothes Making Mavens, take a look at these runway fashions for some ideas for the fabulous things you could make once you draw your inspiration out of these pages. 

Continuing on with the circus theme, take a look at Dior Fall 2011 for some colourful and carnivalesque designs, including this classic Pierrot (as modelled by Karlie Kloss)

You might also find that you want to play with oversize circus tent stripes, like Gabriela Hearst seems to have done in her most recent collection 

Or take a look at this Victoria's Secret show from 2012, if you'd like to make something for "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" (ice block not included)

Turning to Mr. Dark himself, the Illustrated Man, take tattoos as your jumping off point and try using some tattoo inspired applique in your project, like Temperley London did in Fall 2016

Maybe you'll try a lace applique reminiscent of a black & white inked tattoo, as with this stunning Ralph Lauren piece from 2011 and try out your own Girl With A Dragon Tattoo look

You could wear an entire tattoo-sleeve-styled topper like Maison Martin Margiela's Spring 2014 "Artisanal Couture" line did

Or for a change, focus on the night sky, with added razzle dazzle from the Pandemonium Shadow Show, with one of these starry sequinned numbers from Jenny Packham's new collection

Stormy weather, lightning, wind and stormclouds might just mean a shimmering dress which recalls clouds in the moonlight, like something from Marchesa

And don't forget, if you ever need to hide from an ominous carnival's tattooed man and his dust witch sidekick in the library stacks, something like this Tommy Hilfiger dress might be just the thing for camouflage...

Do any of these spark a project idea? Do you have a favourite designer in mind to inspire you?

Keep Friday we'll have our first book discussion, right here on the blog, discussing things up to about half way through with an attempt not to post too many spoilers! 

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  1. Hi, this was a great episode. I'm too late for this book and Sew-Along, but I am looking forward to the next one!


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