Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Found Time Fiesta Top

So I have a little story to share with you all about Found Time. I headed into work on Monday, since as a public library we were only closed on Canada Day itself, July 1, not any other day, feeling a bit bummed that there was no long weekend. And when I got there people greeted me oddly, so that I was getting a bit of a complex by time I got to my office.

Where I then discovered that I'd booked this whole week off ages ago, apparently so long ago that I had completely forgotten! Who does that?? Anyhow, I tidied my desk up and headed home again, feeling a bit stunned by this sudden found time -- whoo hoo, I can get my next three sewing projects done this week!

Since I suddenly can, I also spent a bit of time having fun today. And did it wearing a new top (McCalls 7359) that I cut out ages ago, before my May houseguests even got here, but have only finished up recently. Sometimes it's that way with easy projects. They get put aside for something else and then forgotten.

Anyhow, I am now calling this my Found Time Fiesta Top, as I wore it to the Market (you will never lose sight of me in the crowd when I'm wearing this!) and then out for ice cream -- of which there is no photographic evidence, as it was too hot today to risk a moment's inattention to the eating of the ice cream -- and then for a little walk along our beautiful riverside.

My husband gamely took photos, even standing on a park bench to get just the right angle for me. It was an entertaining walk ;) Every time I wear this top from now on, I'll think of the miraculous holiday that I'd forgotten I had, haha!


McCalls 7359, View A
Thrifted Rayon fabric

I made this with a few alterations after reading some of the reviews on PatternReview & on blogs. Particularly helpful was Beverly's review at Sew Much More, as we are the same shape and she'd noted that the straight vertical lines of this loose-fitting top meant that it was a bit snug on the back hip area. I followed her suggestion and added a box pleat echoing the one in the front to the back yoke as well. I also graded out the back piece only, by about 1/2" in total at the side hems. I wanted this loose fitting top to actually be loose fitting.

I think it worked well, as the top does not stick to me and the volume plus the fairly oversize armholes make this a very cooling top to wear on a hot day like today, when the breeze is still pretty cool -- it allows for a lot of ventilation!

I really like the front neckline finish - the band is very neat, not too low, and it flows nicely from the yoke. The pattern did suggest slip stitching the inside collar band down but I just lazily pinned it and then stitched in the ditch on top - it worked and doesn't show on this busy fabric. I used View A with its gathered sleeve detail, but I'm not sure I'd bother on the next one; I like the draping of the sleeve on the arm now and wouldn't mind more sleeve length next time.

To make the back pleat I just pinned the "cut on fold" edge of the back pattern piece 3/4" away from the fold, and thread marked the edge of the pattern piece as my pleat fold lines. The only other alteration I think I'd add if I make this again is to shorten the yoke at the shoulders by 1/2", just to pull up the yoke seam & armholes a tad for my short upper torso. This is very wearable, however, and is very cool and comfortable on a summer day.
Back pleat blowing in the breeze!

Now to make sure I know when my next crack at a holiday excursion is!


  1. I like yours better than mine!

    1. Well, it was your advice that helped me make this one wearable! I liked your fabric choices; I might try another with contrast fabrics too.

  2. A lovely bright and cheery summery top. Hope you enjoyed your surprise holiday.

    1. Haha, yes I did. Just what I needed -- and got one more project done and 2 underway!

  3. Love your top! I love that you "found time" to enjoy!

    1. Thanks - sometimes a surprise can be a good one ;)

  4. Replies
    1. Why thank you... looks better sewn up than in pieces, doesn't it?


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