Friday, May 26, 2017

Thoughts on Me Made May

I didn't join in on Me Made May this year -- obviously -- for a few different reasons. One was simply that I knew I was having company for two weeks and would be offline for much of the month! (and it was glorious)

But another is that I now wear about 70% Me Mades all the time, so didn't feel that I needed to push myself this year. I know, you can sign up with a challenge shaped to fit you, but I didn't think of anything interesting or inspiring enough to get me going back in April. Also, I am finding more and more that I'm feeling overscheduled and overcommitted to so many things -- I need to take a break and not challenge myself right now! 

And I have to admit, thinking of taking all those photos exhausted me just in contemplating the month. But now that I have a new phone that can actually take decent pics, and I know the year ahead is looking a little less busy, I think I'll get back to blogging more regularly. Just not on anyone's schedule but mine ;)

I've still enjoyed seeing Me Made May posts and love the initiative. It's great to see enthusiasm for handmade clothing and fashion. So if you're participating, thanks for the inspiration! Maybe I'll join in again in 2018...

photos via Unsplash



  1. Me Made May is only fun if you have the time available to commit to the challenge. I applaud you for taking a break this year in light of your other commitments. I'm totally with you on blogging in your own time too. There's nothing more effective at sucking the fun out of something you love, if you have to adhere to schedules.

    1. Absolutely - schedules kill my mojo. In just about everything! But I enjoyed seeing your month and watching others have fun with it too


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