Me Made May, Part 2 (with moving pictures)

12:11 AM

My second update for #MeMadeMay2016! I have been terrible at taking photos of my outfits this month, and apparently I've also been terrible at updating here or on flickr or social media at all, really.

The only thing I have been good at is wearing Me Mades every day this month.

Over the last 10 days, I've once again worn some old favourites, mostly dresses, but also some new ones, like my True Bias Sutton Blouse and my red Jalie Eleonore pull-on jeans -- both of these went to Chicago with me for the recent Pattern Review weekend (more on that soon). I also wore the Colette Moneta, the Maria Denmark Kristen Kimono tee (again - it is a staple) and 2 Kwik Sews - the rose tunic and my reliable fave black tee, KS3559.

In my normal non-travelling life, I've worn the Fabricville Agatha Christie dress, my red floral McCalls knit dress, an old make - a New Look shift dress, and last but most certainly not least, last spring's New Look floral frock. This is a favourite because it is so extremely bright and cheery, it fits well, and I love the distinctive collar.

I also love it because when I am wearing it, I don't exactly blend in. This was especially in evidence one day this week when, in one of those frequent weird #twinnings, a large number of coworkers showed up to work in black and white, prompting a photo session. See if you can pick me out...

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  1. Ha ha that's hilarious! Lovely to hear you have been enjoying wearing your me mades.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it :) It was a pretty funny day at work.

  2. Hi Melanie! It was so much fun to meet you in Chicago and see a few of your creations first hand. I am also happy to have come across your blog via twitter and am looking forward to reading in the future. Cute video!

    1. It was great to meet you in person too! I'm glad you've commented so I can follow you too now.


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