Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sewing Goals for 2016

Looking ahead to a New Year, I've been thinking about what I want to get out of my sewing in 2016. There are a few things, and I'm going to note them down here so I can keep reminding myself!

photo from Boston Public Library's Print Dept., via Flickr

Sewing Goals

1. Make the items that I've already thought about, and have already matched fabric and pattern so that they are ready to go! (maybe make a sewing project timeline? does this work for anyone?)

2. Try things that will teach me new skills. New "stretch" projects.

3. Apropos of the last point: watch more of my multiple Craftsy classes!

4. Get a better camera & learn more about photography

5. Keep on with embroidery projects to keep learning and improving

6. Something I need to get better at but don't feel the love for: Do My Mending. I have plenty of wearable items that just need a hem or a seam restitched or a quick fix. Just do it. 

7. Remember to enjoy it all.

Since I was super lucky when it came to sewing supply gifts at Christmas, I have lots to inspire me & keep new projects flowing. Sometimes I am just inspired by looking at what I have, which is why I am aiming to keep those supplies in an orderly and accessible manner this year, as well.

How about you? Any big goals this year?

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