Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Me Made May: Part II

For this second Me Made May roundup, I did catch a few photos of myself in my outfits! Though I did have the entire week off work, so my outfits were much more casual than usual. I went with the theme of tops that I've made for myself. Actually, I didn't really have a theme, so much as a "these are my comfortable clothes" kind of week ;)

Here are the tops I wore in this week of all kinds of weather -- mostly clear but a couple of clear and chilly days, still!
Vogue 8495 OOP

Maria Denmark Kristen Kimono Tee
"Vintage" Butterick 5716
My standard: Kwik Sew 3559
A cooler day & an (unblogged) version of KS 3559
Vogue 8514 - which I always wear "backwards" now

New Look 6217, 2nd version
Simplicity 3790
Unblogged Sorbetto - just realized
I wore the exact same outfit last MMM!

There are a few more shirts that I've made that I could have worn this week as well -- it's so astonishing to me to see so many things I've made myself in my closet. Much more than I'd first thought.

I have also finished a new dress so will be wearing that this week and blogging about it shortly, too!


  1. Great selection of tops - it really makes it easy to change your look every day :)

    1. Yes, it does! I have a shortage of tunics though -- must make a few :)

  2. All lovely tops that suit you perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you! I'm enjoying seeing your pics too.

  3. You've created a great top wardrobe!

    1. Thank you Rhonda -- I'm finding it very practical to have choices!


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