Friday, August 8, 2014

New Old Patterns

Sewing up so many patterns last month didn't stop me from buying new ones...well, new to me, anyhow. I took a little road trip to a nearby town this week, and hit 4 thrift shops and 2 used book stores... lucky for me, my husband is also an avid 2nd hand shopper, more focused on books though ;)

We had a great time, and I found some great books, as well as a few decor items and a cache of sewing patterns. I brought home a nice variety, along with a couple of sewing books -- even if I'm not actually sewing, I'm thinking about it!

Here's the haul --

The pattern I'm most interested in trying first is the Simplicity in the middle, with the yellow trim. It's Simplicity 5583, marked "Esprit". It has a jumper view but also a dress view. It really reminds me of something I owned in the early 90's but hopefully I can update it sufficiently!

The books are fun to look through -- though dated, there are some neat ideas -- I've already got some new tips from the Claire Schaeffer "High Fashion Secrets" book. Think my sewing vacation is over now; I've had a break but am ready to start something new again. 

How long do you usually go between projects?

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