Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sew Indie Month: the Repercussions

I really enjoyed Sew Indie Month. When I first noticed the announcement, I thought it was an interesting idea, but intended to sew along by maybe making one thing. But then I started poring over the websites of the 21 participating companies, and seeing so many intriguing and tempting designs.

I ended up downloading a number of free patterns, and even buying a few, too! Plus, I've added even more possibilities to my wish list. Here's what I discovered this month.


My favourite photo from MeMadeMay / Sew Indie Month
Me in my Kristen Kimono tee along with a very weird shadow!

Partially Made:

Bought & Not Made (Yet):

Free Downloads Not Made (Yet):

Tutorials I Want to Try:

New Patterns I Now Covet:

I think it's clear that I love dresses :)

What about you? Did you Sew Indie in May? Have you tried any of these patterns or tutorials? Any recommendations?


  1. No, but thanks to you I have added the rose hips tights and the dandelion dress to my wish list. I also am coveting bluegingerdoll's Ava jacket:)

    1. I love to enable wish lists ;) That Ava jacket is also pretty great, I agree.

  2. Thanks for sharing your list of Indies!! I already downloaded the Denmark tee. The paper bag skirt is really cute too! I will be looking forward to seeing your finished Indie garments.

    1. There were so many things to make I could have sewed full time in May and still had things on my list! I hope you'll enjoy making up the Maria Denmark tee -- I think I may make it again and add a few little tweaks... Nearly finished my next makes, too!!


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