Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Map of the World

This week for 30 Days of Creativity projects I've been thinking about maps. And about all kinds of stationery. One reason for this is that I am also hosting a Postal Reading Challenge on my book blog, so I've been thinking about letters and stationery and all postal related ephemera all year! Another reason is that I had a couple of old atlases that were calling me to do something with them...

So with some blank paper and envelopes, I set out to create something each day this week.

I began with a simple idea, gift tags, inspired by shipping tags. I chose  a couple of locations that have meaning to the people I'm going to use them for, and glued the map to card stock. I think I'll add a red sticker around the hole punch area, to give it more "shipping tag" cred:

Now I just need twine...

Next I used maps to line some thin white envelopes. Again, had to make sure the map was oriented correctly, and tried to use locations that had meaning for me! Fortunately for me, our local stationers sells off bundles of old greeting card envelopes cheaply, so I've stocked up with many colours. I like white best with the maps -- actually, I was very pleased at the look of these.

My hometown on the one to the furthest left!

Later I considered that since the maps lined envelopes so nicely, maybe I should make them into envelopes themselves! It's kind of cool, and I'm going to get some labels for the fronts so addresses can be seen. I think I prefer the look of the lined ones, though. (to make the envelope template, I just popped one of the above white ones open and traced it.)

I like the interior of Hawaii on the left.

And finally, what to do with all these envelopes? Make some matching stationery, of course! Had fun testing out different maps and edges and papers. There are two sheets for each envelope at this point, but I'll be making more as I use it up. And I will be using it up... I owe four letters right now! 

I need another blue map of Hawaii...

So that's this week in papercraft. I had fun with my stack of maps and atlases, and thanks to 30 Days of Creativity, I've been inspired to actually make some of the things I've been planning on trying out for ages!

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