Saturday, March 2, 2013

Skirt to Dress to Skirt

I started this blog in the fall and then promptly forgot about it. Time to rejuvenate it and get back to posting with some the makery I've been doing. Start with easy...

Here's a simple No Sew Refashion I put together a little while ago (inspiration once again from the Refashionista).

I was busily hemming a swathe of dresses and skirts from my mending pile, and came to this one -- it's a lovely skirt that my mother-in-law bought for me some years ago. To shorten it, I'd have to take it up from the waistline, as the hem is ruffled. I looked at the elasticized waistband and was struck by an idea.....I quickly pulled it up to chest level and (yes, I am short) it fell to my knees. Of course, I'm not much for the idea of a completely strapless dress for day wear, so tossed on a matching blouse as a jacket, and slid on a belt. Wow, I impressed looks like a casual, fun dress.

And the best thing is, when I'm in the mood for a maxi dress I can wear it at my waist again with a sleeveless top and it looks fairly funky... if you like this Sears catalogue pose, that is ;)

Creating something anew, just by looking at it differently. It's a good skill to have, not just in the clothing department either!


  1. The Sears fashion pose face is a clear winner :-)

  2. Both are impressive.
    -Stephanie D


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