Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pensive design

Sharing one of my very favourite "makes", a set of earrings from 2011's 30 Days of Creativity Challenge

I wear these a lot. I love them because I love fountain pens, calligraphy, stationery, and all related things; I teach journaling as well. These particular nibs really appealed to me because of the shape of the cutout for the ink reservoir -- the excitement of a tiny exclamation point was too much to pass up! They were fairly easy to make: I laid them one inside the other so that the holes for the jump rings would be even in each one. Then I taped them down to a block of wood (curved side down) and drilled the holes. Actually, I had a friend do the drill thing for me... he knows what he's doing ;) We broke the first drill tip but were more careful with the second and all was well (good thing he was wearing safety glasses -- remember, safety first!)

If you have a bag of earring hooks and some jump rings you can make almost anything into earrings. Pick an object that makes a statement about who you are, or simply something that you like the look of. Attach to a hook and there you are. Makes wonderfully personal gifts too.

Here's another example, a set of earrings I made out of fishing lures (no hooks of course!!!)

The only problem now is that I can't stop looking around the house for more earring material...

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